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A Librarian's Experience of E-Government

jane inman issue42

A Tradition of Scholarly Documentation for Digital Objects: The Launch of the Digital Curation Centre

philip hunter issue42

Advanced Collaboration With the Access Grid

michael daw issue42

Assessing the Impact of the Freedom of Information Act on the FE and HE Sectors

steve bailey issue42

Beyond Email: Wikis, Blogs and Other Strange Beasts

robert bristow issue42

Book Review: Digital Libraries - Policy, Planning and Practice

bruce royan issue42

Book Review: How to Find Information

verity brack issue42

Book Review: Understanding Open Source and Free Software Licensing

mike fraser issue42

Editorial Introduction to Issue 42: Less Could Mean More

richard waller issue42

EEVL: Four Search Engines and a Plaque

roddy macleod issue42

Fast-Forward on the Green Road to Open Access: The Case Against Mixing Up Green and Gold

stevan harnad issue42

Freedom of Information and the Historian

stephen twigge issue42

Freedom of Information in University College Dublin 2001-2004

rena lohan issue42

Hyper Clumps, Mini Clumps and National Catalogues: Resource Discovery for the 21st Century

john gilby issue42

Looking for a Google Box?

sebastian rahtz issue42

Making the Case for a Wiki

emma tonkin issue42

Mozilla Firefox for Rapid Web Development and Testing

patrick lauke issue42

News and Events

richard waller issue42

News from BIOME

jenny hall issue42

Participate in Your Future: The IST2004 Event

gabriella szabo issue42


humphrey southall issue42

Recasting the Past: Digital Histories

vanessa carr issue42

Search Engines: No Longer about Search

phil bradley issue42

Shibboleth Installation Workshop

james sankar, masha garibyan issue42

Software Choice: Decision-making in a Mixed Economy

randy metcalfe issue42

Tap Into Bath Takes Off

stephanie round issue42

The National Centre for Text Mining: Aims and Objectives

julia chruszcz, sophia ananiadou, john keane, john mcnaught, paul watry issue42

Tracing Help With Copyright: New AHDS Case Studies on Copyright Issues

alastair dunning issue42

Web Focus: Experiences of Using a Wiki for Note-taking at a Workshop

brian kelly issue42
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