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A Foundation for Automatic Digital Preservation

miguel ferreira, ana alice baptista, jose carlos ramalho issue48

Accoona: Super-Charged Super Target Searching

phil bradley issue48

Book Review: Blended Learning and Online Tutoring

lyn parker issue48

Book Review: Evaluating the Impact of Your Library

david parkes issue48

Book Review: Managing Change

donald maclean issue48

Book Review: The Librarian's Internet Survival Guide, 2nd Edition

lina coelho issue48

C21st Curation Spring 2006 Public Lecture Series

neil beagrie, helen forde issue48

CRIS2006: Enabling Interaction and Quality: Beyond the Hanseatic League

jessie hey, derek sergeant issue48

Digital Preservation Coalition Forum on Web Archiving

manjula patel, maureen pennock issue48

Editorial Introduction to Issue 48: Extended Family Net Works

richard waller issue48

Email Curation: Practical Approaches for Long-term Preservation

dave thompson issue48

Fedora Users Conference

chris awre, richard green issue48

Introducing UnAPI

ed summers, jeremy frumkin, ross singer, dan chudnov, peter binkley, michael j. giarlo, mike rylander issue48

Intute: The New Best of the Web

caroline williams issue48

IWMW 2006: Quality Matters

adrian stevenson issue48

JISC/CNI Conference, York 2006

najla semple, robin rice issue48

Library Systems: Synthesise, Specialise, Mobilise

robin murray issue48

News and Events

richard waller issue48

ShibboLEAP: Seven Libraries and a LEAP of Faith

martin moyle issue48

The Library Catalogue in the New Discovery Environment: Some Thoughts

lorcan dempsey issue48

The Tasks of the AHDS: Ten Years on

alastair dunning issue48

UK Digital Preservation Needs Assessment: Where We Go from Here

najla semple, maggie jones issue48
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