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Editorial Introduction to Issue 50: Side-Stepping Babel

richard waller issue50

A Dublin Core Application Profile for Scholarly Works

andy powell, pete johnston, julie allinson issue50

Models of Early Adoption of ICT Innovations in Higher Education

charles oppenheim, sue manuel, melanie king issue50

Web Curator Tool

philip beresford issue50

New Search Engines in 2006

phil bradley issue50

ONIX for Licensing Terms: Standards for the Electronic Communication of Usage Terms

francis cave, brian green, david martin issue50

Collecting Born Digital Archives at the Wellcome Library

dave thompson, chris hilton issue50

Limits to Information Transfer: The Boundary Problem

jon e. lervik, mark easterby-smith, kathryn fahy, carole elliott issue50

What Happens When We Mash the Library?

paul miller issue50

Wikido: Exploiting the Potential of Wikis

marieke guy issue50

JISC CETIS Conference, 2006

paul walk issue50

2nd International DCC Conference 2006: Digital Data Curation in Practice

manjula patel, alex ball issue50

Cultural Heritage Online: The Challenge of Accessibility and Preservation

alastair dunning issue50

Take a Peek Beneath the EPrints V3 Wrappers

william nixon, peter millington issue50

News and Events

richard waller issue50

Book Review: Digital Libraries - Integrating Content and Systems

chris awre issue50

Book Review: Digital Preservation

maureen pennock issue50

Book Review: Google Hacks

phil bradley issue50

Book Review: Stephen Johnson on Digital Photography

nigel goldsmith issue50
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