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Wire: Interview with Jasper Tredgold

jasper tredgold issue5

Web4Lib: The Library Web Manager's Electronic Discussion List

roy tennant issue5

View from the Hill: Internet Cafes

john maccoll issue5

UKERNA: Training the Networkers

john macculloch, jane batchelor issue5

The SURF Foundation

jaqueline pieters issue5

The Katharine Sharp Review

kevin ward issue5

The International Institute for Electronic Library Research: A New Kid on the Block

marilyn deegan issue5

The 1996 UKOLUG State of the Art Conference

melanie lawes issue5

Subject Trees: The Exeter Experience

ian tilsed issue5

Sideline: Seagulls and Boomerangs

john kirriemuir issue5

Securing HTML FORMs

jon knight issue5

Review: The Student's Guide to the Internet by Ian Winship and Alison McNab

ian winship, alison mcnab issue5

Putting the UK on the Map

peter burden issue5

Public Libraries Corner: Commercial Partnerships in the Public Library

sarah ormes issue5


neal chan issue5

Poem: Disembarking at Digby

cate young issue5

PICK: Library and Information Science Resources on the Internet

andrew cox issue5

Open Peer Review & Argumentation: Loosening the Paper Chains on Journals

tamara sumner, simon buckingham shum issue5

Open Journals

steve hitchcock issue5

OMNI-corner: Patient Information on the Web – Doctor on Your Desktop?

sue welsh issue5

NewsAgent for Librarians

mark kerr issue5

Netskills Corner: Beneath the Surface of Your Web Pages

brian kelly issue5

Net Gains for Digital Researchers

amy friedlander issue5

Minotaur: Valerie Mendes

valerie mendes issue5

Metadata for the Masses

paul miller issue5

MC Journal: The Journal of Academic Media Librarianship

lori widzinski issue5

Lotus Eaters On-Line: Forming an Alliance Between Groupware and the Web in a Pre-Prints System

dan fleming issue5

Libtech 96

john kirriemuir, isobel stark issue5

Journals Overview

john kirriemuir issue5

JISC Projects Ahead

john maccoll issue5

Interface: EARL

alison kilgour, derek law issue5

InfoSeek Ultra: (Yet Another) Web Search Engine

tracey stanley issue5


ruth glynn issue5

FDTL: The Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning

gerry taggart issue5

European Libraries Programme

rosalind johnson issue5

ELVIRA 4: The 4th UK Digital Libraries Conference (Electronic Library and Visual Information Research) Milton Keynes, 6-8 May 1997

clare davies issue5

eLib Column

kelly russell issue5

Editorial Introduction to Issue 5: Changes to Ariadne and How to Read the Web Version

john kirriemuir issue5

Editorial Introduction to Issue 5

john kirriemuir issue5

Down Your Way: Edge Hill University

alison kilgour issue5


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