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23 Things in Public Libraries

helen leech issue64

Blue Ribbon Task Force Symposium on Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access

marieke guy issue64

Book Review: Access, Delivery, Performance - The Future of Libraries Without Walls

michael day issue64

Book Review: Digital Information - Order Or Anarchy?

muhammad rafiq issue64

Book Review: iPad - The Missing Manual

brian whalley issue64

Book Review: The Art of Community - Building the New Age of Participation

ed bremner issue64

Data Services for the Sciences: A Needs Assessment

brian westra issue64

E-books and E-content 2010: Data As Content

brian whalley issue64

Editorial Introduction to Issue 64: Supporting the Power of Research Data

richard waller issue64

Eduserv Symposium 2010: The Mobile University

shailey minocha issue64

Emerging Technologies in Academic Libraries (emtacl10)

andrew walsh issue64

Evidence, Value and Impact: The LIS Research Landscape in 2010

stephanie kenna issue64

FRBR in Practice

wendy taylor, kathy teague issue64

Institutional Web Management Workshop 2010

keith doyle issue64

International UPA 2010 Conference User Experience Design for the World

lorraine paterson, liza zamboglou issue64

Intute Reflections at the End of an Era

linda kerr, angela joyce, caroline williams, tim machin, paul meehan issue64

Learning How to Play Nicely: Repositories and CRIS

nick sheppard issue64

Making Datasets Visible and Accessible: DataCite's First Summer Meeting

tom pollard, j max wilkinson issue64

Open Repositories 2010

philip hunter, robin taylor issue64

Public Library 2.0: Culture Change?

sarah hammond issue64

Repository Software Comparison: Building Digital Library Infrastructure at LSE

ed fay issue64

Retooling Libraries for the Data Challenge

dorothea salo issue64

Rewriting the Book: On the Move With the Library of Birmingham

brian gambles issue64

Trove: Innovation in Access to Information in Australia

rose holley issue64
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