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Editorial Introduction to Issue 69

richard waller issue69

Enhancing Collaboration and Interaction in a Post-graduate Research Programme

tertia coetsee issue69

Evaluation of Assessment Diaries and GradeMark at the University of Glamorgan

karen fitzgibbon, alice lau issue69

Launching a New Community-owned Content Service

caren milloy issue69

Making the Most of a Conference

stephanie taylor issue69

Wikipedia: Reflections on Use and Acceptance in Academic Environments

brian whalley issue69

Moving Ariadne: Migrating and Enriching Content with Drupal

thom bunting issue69

Redeveloping the Loughborough Online Reading List System

jon knight, jason cooper, gary brewerton issue69

Walk-in Access to e-Resources at the University of Bath

kate robinson, lizz jennings, laurence lockton issue69

The Second British Library DataCite Workshop

alex ball issue69

Eduserv Symposium 2012: Big Data, Big Deal?

marieke guy issue69

The Institutional Web Management Workshop (IWMW) 2012

kirsty pitkin issue69

JISC Research Information Management: CERIF Workshop

rosemary russell issue69

Book Review: Using Games to Enhance Learning and Teaching

wajeehah aayeshah issue69

Book Review: Mob Rule Learning

fiona maclellan issue69

Book Review: Implementing Technology in Libraries

elizabeth mchugh issue69

Book Review: Managing Research Data

sally rumsey issue69

Book Review: I, Digital – A History Devoid of the Personal?

chris rusbridge issue69

Book Review: Information Need - A Theory Connecting Information Search to Knowledge Formation

brian whalley issue69

Book Review: Getting Started with Cloud Computing

martin white issue69
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