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OMNI Seminar

debra hiom issue7

Mind the Gap!

sheila harden, robert harden issue7

Creating Models for Electronic Citations

andrew harnack, eugene kleppinger issue7

Acrobat a High Flyer: John MacColl Discusses the Success of Adobe Acrobat and PDF

john maccoll issue7

Print Journals: Fit for the Future?

fytton rowland issue7

SCRAN: A Taste of Scotland and Food for Thought

bruce royan issue7

A Brief History of the American Library Association Web Site

rob carlson issue7

Networking Moving Images

anne mumford issue7

Promoting the Internet to Staff at a UK University

paul hollands issue7

IPL: The Internet Public Library

schelle simcox issue7

Public Libraries, Public Support? the Mission Behind Buildings, Books and Bytes

laura weiss issue7


catherine sladen issue7


graham alsop issue7


catherine hanratty issue7


dee wood issue7

MIDAS: Manchester Information, Datasets and Associated Services

anne mccombe issue7

Data Archive at the University of Essex

denise lievesley, bridget winstanley issue7

Controlling Access in the Electronic Library

andy powell, mark gillet issue7

MCF: Will Dublin Form the Apple Core

jon knight issue7

Handling MARC With PERL

jon knight issue7

The British Libraries Private Finance Initiative

philip hunter issue7

Public Libraries Corner: Life After the Millenium Bid

sarah ormes issue7

Copyright Issues in Projects Funded by the Electronic Libraries Programme

charles oppenheim issue7

Web Access for the Disabled

cathy murtha issue7

Wire: Interview with Nick Gibbins

nick gibbins issue7

Intelligent Searching Agents on the Web

tracey stanley issue7

OMNI Corner

sue welsh issue7

Down Your Way: Durham

paul miller issue7

View from the Hill

john maccoll, john kelleher issue7


mike holderness issue7

Burnside Writes

john burnside issue7

Around the Table: Health and Medicine - What Can Medics Get Out of the Internet?

sue welsh issue7

Interface: Les Carr Interview

ian budden, steve hitchcock, les carr issue7


malcolm campbell issue7

Sideline: Nick Hornby Made Me Do It..

sarah ashton issue7
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