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From Aberystwyth to ADAM: Using the Skills Acquired on a Library School Course in the Real World

rebecca bradshaw issue9

The Librarian of Babel: The Key to the Stacks

mike holderness issue9

MIDRIB: Beyond Clip Art for Medicine

sue welsh, betsy anagnostelis issue9

Never Mind the Quality, Check the Badge-Width!

alison mcnab, betsy anagnostelis, alison cooke issue9

Preparing Students for a New Electronic Service

elizabeth gadd issue9

The NHS, the Internet and Libraries: The NHS Anglia and Oxford Internet Project

judy palmer, myles chippendale issue9


linda kerr issue9


freda carroll issue9


martin melaugh issue9


leah halliday issue9


paula kingston, elizabeth gadd issue9

REDD: Regional Electronic Document Delivery Service

chris taylor issue9

The Australian Museums on Line Project

louise douglas, stephen hall issue9

Monash University Library Electronic Resources Directory

lisa smith issue9

Indian Ocean Rim Region Virtual Library Project

susan lutley issue9

The Future of Digitising at the State Library of Victoria, Australia

catherine herman, indra kurzeme issue9

Metadata, PICS and Quality

chris armstrong issue9

Extending Metadata for Digital Preservation

michael day issue9

Internationalisation and the Web

jon knight issue9

Web Focus: Report on the WWW 6 Conference

brian kelly issue9

Netskills Corner: The Evolution of HTML - Netscape Gold

niall mackenzie issue9

Planet SOSIG: A New Internet Role for Europe's Librarians

emma worsfold issue9

Public Libraries Corner: MODELS 5 Workshop Report and Futures

sarah ormes issue9

Search Engines Corner: Alta Vista LiveTopics

tracey stanley issue9

Web Access for the Disabled - HOTmetal PRO Helps to Bring Access to the Web

cathy murtha issue9

OMNI-Corner: Read All about It

sue welsh issue9

Wire: Interview Via Email With Jon Knight and Martin Hamilton

jon knight, martin hamilton issue9

Down Your Way: University of Bath

isobel stark issue9

View from the Hill: Anne Dixon

anne dixon, amy tucker issue9

Around the Table: Social Sciences

debra hiom issue9

Interface: Dr Isola Ajiferuke

sheona farquhar issue9

Minotaur: David Allen and Tom Wilson

david allen, tom wilson issue9

2nd International Symposium on Networked Learner Support

sarah ashton issue9

Elvira 4: May 1997, Milton Keynes

ian bloor issue9

The Eighth ACM International Hypertext Conference

nick gibbins issue9


malcolm campbell issue9
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