About Ariadne

Ariadne is a Web magazine for information professionals in Higher Education based in the UK and worldwide. Ariadne is provided by Loughborough University Library to inform policy-makers and practitioners in Higher Education libraries and associated sectors of developments in the online environment. Since its launch in January 1996 by UKOLN, it has attempted to keep the busy practitioner abreast of current digital library initiatives as well as technological developments further afield. It concentrated originally on reporting in depth to the information community at large on progress and developments within the UK Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib), covering matters such as information service developments and information networking issues worldwide.

Ariadne generally seeks to provide readers with a variety of articles in each issue, some technical, some of a more strategic nature, in the anticipation that most readers will find something of relevance to their work or interests in every issue.

The ISSN for Ariadne is 1361-3200.

Contacting Ariadne

The Ariadne editorial team can be contacted via our contact form. Note that we DO NOT update links in previously published articles unless the request comes from an author and the new link points to the same material (eg if an organisation's web server has been reorganised so that the link to a resource has been changed but the resource itself is the same).

Review Copies

We are receiving an increasing number of enquiries regarding Ariadne reviews from publishers in respect of works on many aspects of digital resource management, digital libraries, e-learning, software development, digital rights management, LIS management, etc. Contact in this respect can again be made via our contact form.

Permission to reuse Ariadne

A regular number of requests are received each year to re-publish articles or even translate and publish. The editorial team is generally sympathetic towards requests from practitioners and other interested parties. The conditions applied when permission is granted normally require nothing more than ensuring authors and Ariadne are credited, and that no alterations to material are implemented without prior consultation and agreement.

Naturally we are pleased to see Ariadne articles serving new audiences. Consequently we do our utmost to turn such requests around quickly. However we cannot guarantee either automatic permission or a rapid outcome. Generally the more information you can supply us the easier it is to accede to requests.

All such requests should be made via our contact form.

The Ariadne Twitter Channel @ariadne_webmag

The purpose of the Twitter account  @ariadne_webmag is to publicise content published or planned for Ariadne Magazine.


The channel will concentrate on disseminating edited snippets about newly published articles with occasional further posts on trailing upcoming articles, seeking reviewers, developments to the Ariadne service, etc. We will seek to ensure that the tweets are short enough to facilitate re-tweeting.

Operational Limits

@ariadne_webmag will be used principally for announcing new content and will not initially at least be used for two-way communications, consequently Direct Messages will not routinely receive answers though there may be tweets in response to, for example, notices of broken links, etc.