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You can use this form to get in touch regarding feedback, proposals for articles, review copies, updates to author profiles, and permission to reuse articles from Ariadne. Please note that we don't usually change URLs in previously published articles unless the request comes from one of the article's authors and points to substantially the same resource as it did originally. We also don't partake in link swaps or "guest blogging".

Please indicate your message topic, complete the required fields, and select 'Send your message'. For more information about contacting us, see explanations below.

Note: If you are proposing to write an article, please include at the end of your message your contact details (including your role, organisation, work address) and in the case of reviews, additionally, your preferred postal address.
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About feedback

Ariadne welcomes comments on specific articles as well as general feedback. Since the launch of a new format including a enhanced range of navigation links (by keyword, project, organisation, etc) and data charts, we are particularly interested in feedback on new features.

About proposals for articles

As explained on our 'About' page, we are very pleased to receive proposals for articles at any time. You can submit an abstract or outline of your article with a working title from the outset. Alternatively, write to the editor about your work and organisation and what you might propose for an article if it seemed to be within Ariadne's scope. If an article is agreed, then a date for submission will be established and the editor will send you information on how to submit your article (and any images, always welcome) together with an explanation of the editorial process.

About review copies

If you are a publisher interested in having a book reviewed in Ariadne, please use the web form above, clicking the radio button 'Review copies'.

About author profile updates

Authors who would like to have their author profiles updated can use this web form to send up-to-date information.

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