What do 'top authors' charts show?

Screenshot: Top authors for 'rdf'

'Top authors' and 'top terms' charts on this site monitor people and topics most frequently associated with tags

In each case, these 'stacked column' charts display extents of discussion:

  • green indicates numbers of articles tagged
  • blue indicates total usage of a specified term

As illustrated below, our automated tagging system produces a top authors chart for 'rdf':

  • green portions of columns show numbers of articles referring to 'rdf'
  • blue portions of columns indicate total usage of 'rdf'

The default view of each chart shows an overall comparison of articles and total usage.  To focus on either data set, you can select interactive labels atop each chart:

  • by de-selecting the 'articles' label, you can hide 'articles' data and focus on total usage
  • by de-selecting the 'total usage' label, you can hide 'total usage' data and focus on total numbers of articles

Labels the base of each column (circles in the screenshot below) are interactive hyperlinks, which can bring you directly to related data charts.  By following these links, you can navigate from chart to chart discovering related sequences of data visualisations.

Whether charts are monitoring 'top authors' associated with a tag, or 'top terms' associated with an author, these charts show relative intensities of engagement across all sources monitored.  Links in labels can help you identify authors most relevant to a tag and then see how authors engage with a range of topics related to tags of interest.

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