How has content of this site changed from previous versions?

This site includes all articles originally published in the previous versions of Ariadne.  

In migrating content, we have changed presentation to a more modern format whilst keeping intact the substance of articles 'as is'. Our focus in this process has been on maintaining the historical integrity of more than 1600 articles as these represent a substantial body of work reflecting developments in thinking and working since the commencement of publication in 1996.

In this migration process we have made tweaks to content such as the following:

  • including table of contents at start of each article, so that readers can easily scan main sections
  • producing improved editorial consistency in titles across more than 1600 articles (see examples)
  • providing comprehensive bibliographic citations as well guidance on content licences and 'How to cite this article' explanations included at end of each article
  • enhancing book review format to highlight book images and bibliographic information for books reviewed (see examples)

In moving Ariadne to a new platform, we have also provided a range of new features including:

We hope that you will find new features useful whilst exploring the full range of content provided by Ariadne, now more deeply interlinked.  You are welcome to contact us if you would like to share your thoughts about any previous articles or suggestions about topics for new articles. 

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