How do 'complete, paged' feeds on tag overview pages work?

Screenshot: Paged XML feed, starting at page=0

In some cases, where datasets are large, we provide options for 'complete, paged' CSV, XML, and RSS feeds designed for efficiency of size and speed in downloads.

As illustrated below, paged feeds start with the query-string parameter page=0.  Such feeds can then be incremented by adjustments of the query string, so that page=1 fetches the next set of data, page=2 fetches the next, etc.

Note that if you provide an invalid number in the query string when paging, and no such page exists in the feed, then the paged feed returns to the start of the feed (as if you had requested page=0).

With this paging arrangement, you can cycle through feeds of content and data in relatively small chunks, optimised for efficiency.

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