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In 2006 he developed a novel 3D method of racket and ball tracking, which was used at a Wimbledon qualifying tournament. His subsequent paper, presented at the Tennis Science and Technology Conference 2007, was awarded the Howard Brody Award for outstanding academic contribution.

Simon is also a keen science communicator and has taken part in several high-profile events promoting the image of science and technology. He was awarded a British Science Association Media Fellowship in 2009 and worked with the Guardian newspaper for four weeks. As well as pursuing his research interests he works on a large project employing neural network and genetic algorithm optimisation techniques. He edits and contributes to the CSER blog, Engineering Sport.

Simon Choppin

Simon Choppin
Research Engineer
Sheffield Hallam University

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Simon Choppin is a sports engineering researcher at the Centre for Sports Engineering Research at Sheffield Hallam University, where he specialises in impact dynamics, high-speed video and data modelling. His PhD at Sheffield University investigated tennis racket dynamics and involved working with the International Tennis Federation.

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Thursday, 26 April 2012