Forthcoming article: Redeveloping the Loughborough Online Reading List System

An article is in preparation by Jon Knight, Jason Cooper and Gary Brewerton in which they describe the redevelopment of Loughborough University’s open source reading list system.

The Loughborough Online Reading Lists System (LORLS) has been developed at Loughborough University since the late 1990s. LORLS was originally developed at the request of the University's Learning and Teaching Committee simply to make reading lists available online to students. The Library immediately saw the benefit of such a system, not only in allowing students ready access to academics' reading lists but also in having such access themselves.

In their description of the work the authors take us through the re-design stage and the overhaul of the MySQL database schema together with their work on the user interface. They remark that redesigning a successful, decade-old system such that it forms a core of the Library's online offering was no trivial task. However it has produced a far more flexible system that is more user-friendly and has provided a platform for on-going developments.

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