Forthcoming article: Launching a New Community-owned Content Service

An article is in preparation in which Caren Milloy describes some of the challenges overcome and lessons learned by JISC Collections during the development of the JISC eCollections service. In this article she provides information on the rationale underpinning thew development of JISC eCollections as well as the principles that were adopted to guide its development. She also explains the importance that the user community was to the process of development as well as detailing some of the hurdles the project had to negotiate on its path to the eCollections launch.

Caren Milloy joined JISC Collections in 2003. She has since negotiated a wide range of agreements for digital content, and managed several projects including the JISC national e-books observatory. As Head of Projects, she manages an extensive portfolio of projects that research changes in user behaviours, pilot new business models, create new tools and develop new consortia licensing models. An essential part of this role is to ensure that the projects are delivered in a professional manner and that the recommendations and findings are embedded into the core licensing work of JISC Collections and are communicated to the scholarly sector. She is currently managing OAPEN-UK, a project that will pilot open access business models for scholarly monographs.

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