Forthcoming article: Shared Repositories, Shared Benefits: Regional and Consortial Repositories in Japan

An article by Takeo Ozono, Daisuke Ueda and Fumiyo Ozaki is in preparation which describes the work of the ShaRe Project and its influence upon the development of consortial repositories together with the benefits they have brought to Japanese institutions. 

banner: ShaRe (Shared Repository) Project, Japan

As of 2012, there are over 300 academic institutional repositories operating in Japan, and the amount of content including full-text material has reached over a million items. In this emerging landscape, Japan has seen the development of a project to build institutional repositories across the nation. As will be apparent from the article contributed by colleagues of the authors to Issue 71, Japanese librarians and repository managers have a particular professional environment and approach to repository management and development. This forthcoming article, which will appear in Issue 72, provides an interesting overview of the development and direction of consortial repositories in their country.

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