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Lizzie has been involved in organisational initiatives and projects which focus on moving towards a flipped classroom and blended learning approach. As a subject librarian, Lizzie has directly implemented such pedagogical approaches and sees their impact when teaching in the School of Medicine. Lizzie is greatly interested in the potential of new technologies and the best ways to embed them within learning to improve students' educational experience.

Lizzie Caperon

Lizzie Caperon
eLearning Officer and Subject Librarian
University of Leeds

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Lizzie Caperon is the eLearning Officer at Leeds University Library, UK. She is also the Subject Librarian for the School of Medicine. Lizzie wrote her Master’s dissertation on the use of mobile technologies in academic libraries and surveyed Leeds’ students to establish their needs from a mobile library service. From this work she constructed suggestions for improving provision at Leeds.


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Sunday, 27 July 2014