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  1. How does 'Filter by article type' work?

    ' Filter by article type ' lets you zoom in on content when you are looking for a specific type of ... with links to overviews of all articles within each category: feature article event report review ...

    admin - 22 Jan 2012 - 15:10

  2. Get Tooled Up: Xerxes at Royal Holloway, University of London

    ... needed in applying Xerxes upgrades. Changes to MetaLib Category and Content Organisation As well as difficulties with the ... But Umlaut also offers new integrated functionality such as article citation data and pre-populated interlibrary loan forms. We need to ...

    editor - 8 Mar 2012 - 23:26

  3. Architects of the Information Age

    ... shown, a wide range of existing, incomplete, terminologies, category lists, classification schemes and thesauri are already in use, and ... a search of English Heritage's Excavation Index were one type of excavation or another, or even that they were all in England; facts ... Article Title : "Architects of the Information Age" Author : Paul Miller ...

    editor - 18 Sep 2011 - 00:50

  4. Web Watch: An Update On Search Engines Used In UK Universities

    ... ht://Dig is the only package which falls into this category. A licensed package This includes one of the Microsoft ... , which is based at the University of Bath Article Title : "Web Watch: An Update On Search Engines Used In UK ...

    editor - 5 Nov 2011 - 19:48

  5. Which types of articles are published on this site?

    ... the scope of publication evolved.  In earlier issues some article types are more prevalent than in later years, and some article types ... in the left column below, you can see all articles in each category. View inserted:  FAQ categories: ...

    admin - 30 Jul 2012 - 10:55

  6. Visualising Building Access Data

    ... and narrow down the results based upon department, user category and/or user attributes. Figure 3: Options The ... 10 July 2014 Copyright statement:  This article has been published under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported ...

    lisrw - 28 May 2015 - 08:59

  7. Link: A New Beginning for BUBL

    ... to medium term. This makes it possible to contemplate an article which aims to explain and illustrate both the basic form of LINK and ... to all help information on LINK Resource or Service Category - defines the type of resource or service, e.g. news, software, ...

    editor - 10 Sep 2011 - 10:42

  8. Yahoo: UK and Ireland

    ... and news, amongst others. To browse through a subject category you simply select the appropriate link and work your way down a ... database in the States. During the time I was writing this article I had numerous problems getting into the service at all, with ...

    editor - 15 May 2014 - 18:17

  9. NT Explorer

    ... Section , ASPToday 15 Seconds : Site Server Section , 15 ... Web: Article Title : "NT Explorer: A brief overview of Site Server 3.0 Commerce ...

    editor - 17 Sep 2011 - 20:08

  10. Mobilising the Internet Detective

    ... which can be found via a quick search on Google. This article describes our own foray at Intute into the world of mobilisation, via a ... Mobile Internet Detective UKOLN Events: Rapid Innovation in ...

    editor - 22 Sep 2011 - 16:31