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  1. Web Watch: Carrying Out Your Own Web Watch Survey

    ... a community Spot trends Measure the effects of other developments (e.g. has a publicity campaign results in more links to Web ... points within our community. If we so desire, we can use other Web services in a similar way to provide a more comprehensive survey. ...

    editor - 5 Nov 2011 - 19:46

  2. JISC Research Information Management: CERIF Workshop

    ... (again, to varying degrees) – around 31% [ 7 ]. The two other CERIF CRIS being used in the UK are CONVERIS (Avedas, Germany) and ... offered by CERIF. UK Involvement in euroCRIS and Other International Initiatives As a reflection of the intensity of UK CRIS ...

    lisrw - 6 Aug 2012 - 16:53

  3. Ancient Cultures Inside Modern Universes

    ... the products they create, and the resources, spaces and other aspects of the social and natural context necessary to their ... under- or mis-represented in books, journals, the Web and other media, and they are placed behind different types of socio-economic ... heritage is rarely included in libraries, archives or other repositories of knowledge, they have almost no access to information and ...

    editor - 5 Dec 2011 - 18:39

  4. InfoSeek Ultra: (Yet Another) Web Search Engine

    ... where these words appear in direct proximity to each other. However, if you try this search you'll discover that there are lots ... document also means that you can search to find out how many other documents on the Web contain hyperlinks to your own Web pages. This can ...

    editor - 15 Sep 2011 - 16:50

  5. Book Review: Pro Web 2.0 Mashups

    ... exposing Web content for consumption. Part 4: Exploring Other Mashup Topics This section looks at more complex mashup ...

    editor - 4 Nov 2011 - 18:24

  6. Search Engines: The Year 2003 in Perspective

    ... can happen again. Compare how much Google knows about you, (other than the fact that you're currently searching for a specific piece of ... added a calculator function and news alerts as well. Other search engine developments Meanwhile the other search engines haven't ...

    editor - 18 Sep 2011 - 19:40

  7. Delivering OAI Records As RSS: An IMesh Toolkit Module for Facilitating Resource Sharing

    ... which can be whole Web sites, organisational home pages and other collections or services, themed around a specific subject, such as the ... interest in embedding subject gateway content into other Web sites. The RDN provides a facility, called RDN-Include, which ...

    editor - 18 Sep 2011 - 13:06

  8. Search Engines

    ... graphics package. It would however be useful if I was using other images though. Under each image is the filename, size (both pixel size ... was disappointing that I couldn't narrow my search very much other than by size. Yahoo! The Yahoo Image Search page [ 3 ] is ...

    editor - 2 Nov 2011 - 11:04

  9. TLTP: Teaching and Learning Technology Programme

    ... and innovative teaching provision for the future. Other Related Initiatives When the Universities Funding Council launched ... of best practice and collaboration between institutions. Other funded initiatives in the areas of teaching and learning are: the ...

    editor - 8 Nov 2011 - 13:33

  10. UM.Sitemaker: Flexible Web Publishing for Academic Users

    ... universities is for schools, colleges, departments and other institutional units to communicate with their constituencies and with the ... they still tend to have certain things in common with each other. For example, a college or departmental website will usually contain ...

    editor - 18 Sep 2011 - 09:42