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  1. Ebooks in UK Libraries: Where Are We Now?

    ... "I suspect that more words are being published about the ebook phenomenon in print than have actually been placed into ebooks ... The only ebooks which are available for free are out of copyright titles, usually classics, which have then been digitised and made ...

    editor - 31 Oct 2011 - 12:29

  2. The Rustle of Digital Curation: The JISC Annual Conference

    ... variety of activities it funds and for delegates to learn about the full range of JISC's work by participating in seminars, debates, ... challenge, as is how to control and manage plagiarism, copyright and ownership issues (rights enforcement vs. free sharing). If ...

    editor - 2 Nov 2011 - 13:46

  3. How has content of this site changed from previous versions?

    ... reviewed ( see examples ) In moving Ariadne to a new platform, we have also provided a range of new features including: ... to  contact us if you would like to share your thoughts about any previous articles or suggestions about topics for new articles.  ...

    admin - 22 Jan 2012 - 02:45

  4. Editorial Introduction to Issue 72

    ... mass digitisation programme.  The issues in addressing copyright and obtaining the consent of authors are outlined, as are ... of tenure. The authors warn against making assumptions about altmetrics at their current stage of development or about the scope of ...

    lisrw - 29 Mar 2014 - 15:32

  5. Search Engines: Finding Images on the Internet

    ... different ways in which it was possible to find information about individuals on the Internet. I thought that for this issue I'd revisit ... anywhere else), they or their organisation will own the copyright on that particular image. Just because you see an image on a web page ...

    editor - 17 Sep 2011 - 12:45

  6. Building Open Source Communities: 4th OSS Watch Conference

    ... July 2005. When people get together and talk about open source, there are three things that come into the conversation early ... amounts of code, and needed crystal clear agreements on copyright and future directions. Finally, Sean Keogh talked [ 15 ] ...

    editor - 2 Nov 2011 - 10:19

  7. DARE Project Chronology

    ... the work done. It also becomes clear that most people expect copyright to be the major problem for Cream. The initial enthusiasm for Cream ... At this time the three major challenges are: myths about copyright lack of manpower no clarity about the workload for ...

    editor - 2 Dec 2011 - 14:24

  8. Editorial Introduction to Issue 6

    ... reviews and conference reports. In all, there will be about 35 articles in this "happening". A major update to appear about a ... published:  Tuesday, 19 November 1996 Copyright statement:  This article has been published under copyright; ...

    editor - 5 Nov 2011 - 11:43

  9. What do RSS feeds of specific tags include?

    ... to RSS feeds , you can keep yourself informed as new articles are added to this site . FAQ categories: questions about content ...

    admin - 22 Jan 2012 - 02:48

  10. Minotaur: From Mac to Linux and Back?

    ... minutes, for example. One does wonder where all this rubbish about hard to install' came from in the first place. Wasn't that part of the ... it was easier to use? Cartoon by Paul Mounter. Copyright IT Week . We are grateful to IT Week for permission to use this ...

    editor - 16 Sep 2011 - 15:12