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  1. News and Events

    ... International Thomson, Pergamon and Reuters. Charles is the author of "The Legal and Regulatory Environment for Electronic Information" and ... journals will be made available Open Access, subject to the author agreeing. Other publishers too are providing opportunities for Open ...

    editor - 14 Dec 2011 - 10:42

  2. #ukmedlibs.

    ... vi ], convenor of the #medlibs chats, the first author (TR) sent a message to the JISCMAIL lis-medical list on 6 February 2015 ...

    Jon Knight - 17 Jan 2016 - 22:43

  3. Book Review: Understanding Gamification

    ... services e.g. apps, and social networking. Pleasingly, the author gives a clearer definition of gamification than most publications: ...

    Jon Knight - 14 Oct 2015 - 15:22

  4. Editorial Addendum to Issue 60: Snapshot of the Global Economy, Summer 2009

    ... Title: "Snapshot of the Global Economy, Summer 2009" Author: Richard Waller Publication Date: 30-July-2009 Publication: Ariadne ...

    editor - 12 Mar 2012 - 21:48

  5. From the Trenches: Network Services on a Shoestring

    ... whether there is a Linux based OPAC for small libraries. The author is not currently aware of one but if the demand is out there, its almost ... implemented at a variety of other libraries worldwide. The author found out about them through the linux4lib mailing list (send a ...

    editor - 13 Oct 2011 - 13:32

  6. BIDS Hits the Web

    ... from the barest bibliographic information (e.g. title, author, journal) for a particular record (or even a group of marked records) to ...

    editor - 15 Sep 2011 - 00:02

  7. E-print Archives: Key to Paperless Journals

    ... either switch to electronic only, recovering costs from author page charges, or else they release their journals - whose editorial ...

    editor - 6 Sep 2011 - 22:48

  8. Meta Detectors

    ... responsible for the resources themselves. This includes author-created descriptions, but will also be a central function of the ... of a resource, will determine the relative balance between author- produced, added value and third-party original descriptions in ...

    editor - 26 Aug 2011 - 12:12

  9. Review of "Copyright and E-learning: a guide for practitioners" 2nd Edition

    ... fact this only applies to the right to be identified as the author. On p. 16 the authors say moral rights may remain after copyright ...

    Jon Knight - 5 Jun 2017 - 10:05

  10. JILT: Journal of Information, Law and Technology

    ... lists which is a very useful feature of an on-line journal. Author lists are also planned. JILT is not only of use to IT Law academics but ...

    editor - 10 Sep 2011 - 12:27