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  1. A Free ISP from the British Library

    ... by telephone ISDN and V90 56k PSTN access Free CD-ROM with Internet software suite including Web Browser and fully functional ... the e-mail address below). Copies of the installation CD-ROM are available from the British Library at: Email: ...

    editor - 16 Sep 2011 - 23:51

  2. The 1996 UKOLUG State of the Art Conference

    ... been threatened before following the advent of online and CD-ROM technology. Yet the phenomena has yet to occur. Following the theme ...

    editor - 15 Sep 2011 - 15:50

  3. Web4Lib: The Library Web Manager's Electronic Discussion List

    ... CGI Programs, Directories, Guides and Tutorials, Launching CD-ROM or Other Applications From a Web Browser, and Web Policies. History ...

    editor - 5 Sep 2011 - 08:57

  4. A Pragmatic Approach to Preferred File Formats for Acquisition

    ... files, JPEG, TIFF and text files, commonly transferred on CD-ROM. Generally this material is easier to work with because of its currency. ... to make this a reality. The Library accepts transfer on CD-ROM, or portable hard drive and donors are asked to provide information ...

    editor - 8 Mar 2012 - 23:18

  5. From Books to Bits

    ... of the book. Microsoft even use this feature in their CD-ROM encyclopaedia, Encarta '97. Another version of this approach is to ...

    editor - 15 Sep 2011 - 17:40

  6. Promoting the Internet to Staff at a UK University

    ... This covered electronic information sources such as CD-ROM databases and online services like BIDS and OCLC FirstSearch as well as ...

    editor - 16 Sep 2011 - 00:19

  7. Book Review: Practical Open Source Software for Libraries

    ... on the Web or to distribute data via digital media such as CD-ROM or DVD. DSpace offers an enhanced ability to store various data types ...

    editor - 14 Dec 2011 - 20:35

  8. A National Co-ordinating Body for Digital Archiving?

    ... can include everything from electronic publications on CD-ROM to online databases and collections of experimental data in digital ... digitised for study or conservation. Compilations of data on CD-ROM, electronic databases and documents available via the Internet are ...

    editor - 13 Oct 2011 - 13:04

  9. Electronic Journals: Problem Or Panacea?

    ... host computer rather than via an intermediate medium such as CD-ROM. Not being a CD-ROM fan, I shall here discuss only the problems of ...

    editor - 12 Oct 2011 - 22:56

  10. Down Your Way: University of Abertay Dundee Library

    ... Internet and locally networked resources, including over 40 CD-ROM databases. As evidence of a very real paradigm shift towards access ...

    editor - 16 Sep 2011 - 14:43