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  1. Ebooks in UK Libraries: Where Are We Now?

    ... institutions are increasingly subscribing to ebooks, whilst public libraries have adopted a wait-and-see approach. As a public library user I ...

    editor - 31 Oct 2011 - 12:29

  2. Public Libraries

    Penny Garrod 's second outing in Ariadne as Public Libraries Focus. I purchased the Guardian newspaper to read on ...

    editor - 18 Sep 2011 - 02:20

  3. Google Challenges for Academic Libraries

    John MacColl analyses the reactions many academic libraries may be having to the range of tools Google is currently rolling out ... Who, for example, in pre-Google days, would have asked their public library for a recommendation about the best quad bike on the market? ...

    editor - 2 Nov 2011 - 12:13

  4. News and Events

    ... content and sources of information, provided by academic libraries, become greater and vaster, the need for federated searching ... The Briefing is designed for public, academic and corporate librarians keen to debate with independent ... for e-learning in companies, universities and in the public sector. The conference will include an exhibition. The conference ...

    editor - 25 Aug 2011 - 15:37

  5. News and Events

    ... Back to headlines Public Lecture Series 11 May - 8 June 2005 C21st Curation: working with ... leads the inaugural event in new series of high profile, public lectures organised by the School of Library, Archives, and Information ... Librarian/Dentistry Liaison of Loma Linda University Libraries, will discuss DSPACE as a tool for disseminating training videos. ...

    editor - 18 Sep 2011 - 23:56

  6. Public Libraries Corner: Stories from the Web

    ...   Background to the Project Children's libraries have always had a crucial role in the educational development of ... It will be an excellent example of geographically dispersed public librarians co-operating together. Already it has generated a lot of ...

    editor - 12 Oct 2011 - 23:20

  7. Research Libraries Engage the Digital World: A US-UK Comparative Examination of Recent History and Future Prospects

    ... has changed our thinking about the future of research libraries on both sides of the Atlantic. This brief paper ... accomplish those missions, gave rise to a major problem in public perception. In the US during the latter half of the 1990s there was ...

    editor - 2 Nov 2011 - 12:03

  8. Book Review: The Cambridge History of Libraries in Britain and Ireland

    ... Review info:  The Cambridge History of Libraries in Britain and Ireland, 3 Volume Hardback Set . By Peter Hoare, ... the basis for more theoretical approaches (here they place public library history). In Chapter 1, the editors do a good job of ...

    editor - 4 Nov 2011 - 00:25

  9. Public Libraries Corner: Treasure Island on the Web

    Sarah Ormes looks at children's libraries and literacy, and describes the Treasure Island Web pages, a resource ... to computers at as early an age as possible. If children's libraries are not to be left behind and more importantly are to continue in ...

    editor - 11 Oct 2011 - 13:26

  10. Public Libraries Corner

    In the Public Libraries Corner for this issue, a guest writer, Catherine Wrathall , writes ... current provision of Internet-based community information in public libraries. Methods of locating, obtaining and ...

    editor - 22 Aug 2011 - 01:12