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  1. The Librarian of Babel: The Self-Citation Machine

    The Librarian, talking to Mike Holderness , uncovers the true purpose of the World-Wide Web. ...

    editor - 22 Aug 2011 - 01:12

  2. Down Your Way

    Alison Kilgour takes a look at the networking facilities inside Glasgow University Library. ...

    editor - 22 Aug 2011 - 01:12

  3. OMNI-Corner: Read All about It

    OMNI's Sue Welsh looks at the sites which keep you up to date in health and medicine. ...

    editor - 22 Aug 2011 - 01:12

  4. Public Libraries Corner: A Public Library Metadata Initiative

    Sally Criddle introduces an initiative to extend current developments in the use of metadata to the public library community. ...

    editor - 22 Aug 2011 - 01:12

  5. Search Engines Corner: Meta-search Engines

    Tracey Stanley discusses the next level up from conventional search engines in the 'information food chain', which provide a sophisticated approach to searching across a number of databases. ...

    editor - 22 Aug 2011 - 01:12

  6. Public Libraries Corner

    Sarah Ormes gives a detailed account of the recent Public Libraries in the Information Society Workshop. ...

    editor - 22 Aug 2011 - 01:12

  7. Search Engine Corner

    ... you needed simply arrived on your PC desktop on a regular basis with almost no effort required on your part? A new crop of ... updates its information database; and the user will receive regular updates of information without having to do any active web browsing. to ...

    editor - 22 Aug 2011 - 01:12

  8. Minotaur: Metadata -To Be, Or Not to Be (Catalogued)

    Gordon Dunsire thinks that all is not rosy in the garden that is metadata, and wonders how it can assist cataloguing in a real-world sense. ...

    editor - 22 Aug 2011 - 01:12

  9. Public Libraries Corner: Ask A Librarian

    Sarah Ormes reviews the online reference query service that EARL has developed which draws on the cooperation of 40 libraries around the country. ...

    editor - 22 Aug 2011 - 01:12

  10. EMC Update

    Roddy MacLeod and Linda Kerr with news relating to the EMC Hubs. ...

    editor - 17 Sep 2011 - 12:18