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  1. DataCite UK User Group Meeting

    Alex Ball reports on the 2nd UK User Group meeting for DataCite, held at the British Library in London, in ... registration agencies. As such, it is assembling a suite of services to allow repositories and data centres to assign DOIs to their ... those DOIs, and maintain and use those metadata. This User Group meeting was a chance for UK users of DataCite services to share ...

    editor - 21 Sep 2011 - 17:05

  2. AGORA: The Hybrid Library from a User's Perspective

    ... Bridget Robinson and David Palmer look at the Agora user studies. Agora is one of the five Hybrid Library Projects ... forward so that non-z39.50 targets can be added including services such as Amazon and Alta Vista. Ensuring that resources are high ...

    editor - 17 Sep 2011 - 15:15

  3. Clumps Come Up Trumps

    ... Guide. Following evaluation, the team is implementing a new user interface with two additional clients: the Index Data PHP [5] client and ... VDX gateway software is used by a number of existing services, such as AHDS [10], as well as RIDING and MLO. It offers a ...

    editor - 17 Sep 2011 - 19:17

  4. Hyper Clumps, Mini Clumps and National Catalogues: Resource Discovery for the 21st Century

    ... Catalogues - Fraser Nicolaides & George Macgregor User Behaviour in Large-scale Resource Discovery Contexts - Dick Hartley ... beyond the project stage, now being live subscription-funded services. Copac gives free access to the online catalogues of major UK research ...

    editor - 18 Sep 2011 - 23:11

  5. News from BIOME

    ... for a particular gateway, please contact us [ 4 ]. User Feedback We would like to thank all those that completed the BIOME ... Healthcare Trust Education Centre and one at the Health Services Library, Southampton General Hospital, University of Southampton. ...

    editor - 18 Sep 2011 - 23:05

  6. Web Cache: Clashing with Caching?

    ... some cache related issues for Library and Information Services Why are UK universities using Web caches? Whenever ... a ‘proxy cache’, to distinguish it from the cache on the user’s hard drive). Then, the next person wishing to use the same page may ...

    editor - 16 Sep 2011 - 22:23

  7. Involving Users in the Development of a Web Accessibility Tool

    ... upon throughout the project by feedback from users and user testing to sharpen the relevance of the automatically collected data. The ... for accessibility, but the focus initially is on EU public services, governmental and local authorities, and private service providers ...

    editor - 2 Nov 2011 - 09:06

  8. The National Centre for Text Mining: A Vision for the Future

    ... deployment, use and uptake of NaCTeM's text mining tools and services. One of the defining challenges of e-Science is ... with many sub-processes involved, and many types of user in varying domains with different needs, interests, purposes, requirements ...

    editor - 6 Dec 2011 - 11:18

  9. Promoting the Internet to Staff at a UK University

    ... a project to promote the use of Internet based information services among teaching and research staff at the university; in his own words, ... and training requirements in each.   Responding to user requirements - The Internet & Information Training Stream Prior to my ...

    editor - 16 Sep 2011 - 00:19

  10. Developing a Virtual Research Environment in a Portal Framework: The EVIE Project

    ... Web-based interface to a range of university systems and services. The key benefit of a portal framework is to bring together disparate ... efficiency and effectiveness, and improving the overall user experience. The University of Leeds is using the Luminis Portal ...

    editor - 3 Nov 2011 - 23:26