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  1. Search Engines

    ... when I tried to do a "PeopleFinder" search it dumped me into Yahoo! Also, I wasn't too impressed with the fact that it found nothing when I ...

    editor - 16 Sep 2011 - 14:48

  2. Search Engines: Weblog Search Engines

    ... as Google, Alltheweb and so on and index/directory, such as Yahoo! Exactly the same division exists when looking at weblog search engines, ... to which weblogs are still in their infancy; can you image Yahoo! indexing all their listed websites into a single alphabetical list for ...

    editor - 18 Sep 2011 - 12:44


    ... services. Conversely, a number of virtual libraries like Yahoo and INFOMINE now provide convenient, well integrated access to many of ... time, say compared to a student employed surfing for Yahoo, but it is our belief that the high value and solidity of many of the ...

    editor - 12 Oct 2011 - 20:53

  4. World Wide Web Conference 2004

    ... in the style of the Google Zeitgeist [ 9 ], or Yahoo! Buzz [ 10 ], but more detailed. On the final day of the main ... Yahoo! Buzz Index Yahoo! Labs demo of Nutch ...

    editor - 18 Sep 2011 - 21:47

  5. Search Engines: The New Kids on the Block - Copying Or Competing?

    ... Altavista, Google, Open Directory, Teoma, Wisenut and Yahoo. The concept is the same; pages that are highly ranked by several search ... taking feeds from ABC, BBC, CNN, Fast, Washington Post, Yahoo News and Moreover (though these are the defaults, so even if you choose ...

    editor - 18 Sep 2011 - 09:34

  6. Repository Fringe 2010

    ... built atop WordPress's standard RSS feeds using tools like Yahoo Pipes. Tony showed a map of usable (and free) workflows between ...

    editor - 2 Sep 2011 - 05:30

  7. Search Engines: No Longer about Search

    ... applications, so it makes sense for Google, Microsoft and Yahoo as corporations to get involved with it. Using the Microsoft toolbar ... seeing other search engines providing more add-on utilities; Yahoo is expected to launch its own desktop search function early in the year, ...

    editor - 18 Sep 2011 - 23:16

  8. Search Engines: Would All New Search Engines Take One Step Forward!

    ... AltaVista, Open Directory and GigaBlast are unchecked while Yahoo, AlltheWeb, Wisenut, AOL MSN and HotBot are. I do find this a little ...

    editor - 18 Sep 2011 - 13:12

  9. ECDL 2007

    ... the implementation and evaluation of thesauri (using Yahoo's classification as an example), resources available and then other ...

    editor - 5 Dec 2011 - 17:47

  10. Search Engines: New and Developing Search Engines

    ... also indexing data from FreePint [ 13 ], .org sites, Yahoo groups and MSN groups, though they're excluding weblogs at the moment. ... results together, but it does allow users to search Google, Yahoo, MSN, Open Directory or Wisenut. Other search engines are already taking ...

    editor - 18 Sep 2011 - 22:22