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  1. Daniel Teruggi author profile

    Tel: +33 1 49 83 29 08 ...

    editor - 22 Nov 2011 - 00:01

  2. RepoMMan: Delivering Private Repository Space for Day-to-day Use

    ... to a formally exposed object in the repository complete with metadata. Three key decisions had been taken before the project proposal was ... would easily take their newly finished work, help them add metadata to it and publish it into a repository space where it could be ...

    editor - 4 Nov 2011 - 00:40

  3. Metadata: I Am a Name and a Number

    ... at more than one location. It is also possible to associate metadata with a DOI, providing additional contextual information of use both to ... and to automated tools acting on the user's behalf. The DOI metadata structure is currently quite simple, and based upon the work of the ...

    editor - 17 Sep 2011 - 01:10

  4. Metadata: E-print Services and Long-term Access to the Record of Scholarly and Scientific Research

    ... archive [ 14 ]. The new breakthrough is agreement on metadata tagging standards that make the contents of distributed archives ... tools that are able to harvest the content (rather than just metadata) of distributed e-print services into centralised repositories for ...

    editor - 18 Sep 2011 - 00:34

  5. News and Events

    ... for Papers International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications 11-14 October 2004 Shanghai, China Metadata based on standards such as Dublin Core is a key component of ... Tokyo, Florence, and Seattle - will examine a broad range of metadata applications, especially with a view towards improving ...

    editor - 28 Apr 2012 - 10:50

  6. Metadata Corner: CrossROADS and Interoperability

    ... syntactic interoperability ' …(the interchange of metadata and the use of digital object transmission protocols and formats based on this metadata rather than simply common navigation, query, and viewing interfaces) ...

    editor - 22 Aug 2011 - 01:12

  7. Metadata for Learning Resources: An Update on Standards Activity for 2008

    ... overview of current initiatives in standards for educational metadata. In 2002 the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) published the IEEE Learning Object Metadata standard (IEEE LOM) [ 1 ], superseding the IMS Learning Resource ...

    editor - 22 Aug 2011 - 01:13

  8. Metadata: Cataloguing Theory and Internet Subject-based Information Gateways

    ... discovery system that makes use of a relatively simple metadata format. Internet resources can be adequately described, for example, using the fifteen elements in the Dublin Core metadata element set [5] . Another relatively simple approach is embodied by ...

    editor - 22 Aug 2011 - 01:13

  9. Public Libraries Corner: A Public Library Metadata Initiative

    ... an initiative to extend current developments in the use of metadata to the public library community. The increasing ... people are often using the Internet for the first time. Metadata (which is data about data) is being increasingly used in attempts to ...

    editor - 22 Aug 2011 - 01:12

  10. Minotaur: Metadata -To Be, Or Not to Be (Catalogued)

    ... Dunsire thinks that all is not rosy in the garden that is metadata, and wonders how it can assist cataloguing in a real-world sense. Metadata [1] : it's one of those words that rolls off the tongue; I ...

    editor - 22 Aug 2011 - 01:12