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  1. Implementing a Resource or Reading List Management System

    ... They are also the group that may feel the most aggrieved about any changes imposed upon them due to the implementation of the RLMS. ... There are a few basic questions that the project team needs to ask. Answers to these questions will influence both the choice of ...

    lisrw - 27 Jun 2013 - 13:51

  2. A Bug's Life?: How Metaphors from Ecology Can Articulate the Messy Details of Repository Interactions

    ... based on work carried out by the Repositories Research Team (RRT) [ 5 ], proposes an ecologically inspired approach to tackle that ... up a repository to manage appropriate copies of, or metadata about, journal articles is perhaps the most understood and established purpose ...

    editor - 8 Sep 2011 - 11:47

  3. Biz/Ed Bulletin

    ... Recent Developments On 11 January 1999, the Biz/ed Team launched a redesigned and reorganised site. This was a result of usability ... the number of fields in ROADS to accommodate annotations about the relevancy for different users would also have to take into account ...

    editor - 16 Sep 2011 - 15:22

  4. What's in EEVL for Further Education

    ... "Indispensible, much better than using Google" was a comment about EEVL , the Internet guide to engineering, mathematics and computing, ... available on the Internet. It is created and run by a team of information specialists from a number of universities and institutions ...

    admin - 1 Nov 2011 - 21:26

  5. Cashing in on Caching

    ... in practice. Why should libraries need to know about caching? There are a number of reasons why libraries with Internet ... for information about Web caching are the HENSA/Unix team's collection of Web caching related material , and the National ...

    editor - 10 Sep 2011 - 11:02

  6. Fun and games with digital content and data

    ... and  technology events and courses, such as learning about Arduino or developing with Unreal Engine  or within Minecraft. ... of 11th April, two selected finalists will work with the BLL team, getting support so  they can build systems that demonstrate or ...

    Jon Knight - 8 Feb 2016 - 10:32

  7. ADAM: Information Gateway to Resources on the Internet in Art, Design, Architecture and Media

    ... and is also the host institution for two of the salaried team members; one of the Project's two Resource Officers Rebecca Bradshaw, and ... filing systems. The Post Office don't need to worry about lost revenue just yet though; the Consultation Process, described below, ...

    editor - 6 Sep 2011 - 23:27

  8. Book Review: Managing the Test People

    ... inside the covers was the metaphorical image of Judy McKay's team. In the preface the author suggests that the book provides 'practical ... only two weeks to make a good impression and it is not only about bringing bagels on Friday. Judy shows you how to rent loyalty before you ...

    editor - 5 Dec 2011 - 17:08

  9. Volcanic Eruptions Fail to Thwart Digital Preservation - the Planets Way

    ... walk from the Trevi Fountain. There the Planets training team had been looking forward to welcoming delegates from all over Europe. ... of Technology, presented some thought-provoking figures about the current size and projected growth-rate of the digital universe, ...

    editor - 14 Dec 2011 - 12:38

  10. The CLIF Project: The Repository as Part of a Content Lifecycle

    ... Armed with this background information, the project team went on to design and produce software that would allow the transfer of ... digital objects, and referenced in papers and presentations about Fedora repositories. It was only logical that CLIF would take advantage ...

    lisrw - 28 Apr 2012 - 10:18