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  1. 10 Years of Zetoc

    ... current awareness and comprehensive coverage. In a recent survey, one academic commented: 'This is a "one-stop shop" for relevant ... service home page in December 2009 and January 2010 with the results made available (see 'Evaluation' below). Following a second online ...

    editor - 2 Sep 2011 - 02:30

  2. Review: Online Searching (Library Association)

    ... search or series of searches can yield a number of useful results. But what is the correct way to perform an online search? It is this ... in the former, a set of further reading, and in the latter a survey of existing online databases. This final reference appendix is ...

    editor - 17 Sep 2011 - 01:04

  3. UK Institutional Repository Search: Innovation and Discovery

    ... default or customised settings. How the aggregated results are re-organised presents major challenges to a federated higher-level ... of Science. The thesis sets out the results of a structured survey and unpublished PhD thesis". Both are contextually relevant but ...

    editor - 13 Dec 2011 - 17:13

  4. IMPACT Final Conference 2011

    ... Guy reports on the two-day conference looking at the results of the IMPACT Project in making digitisation and OCR better, faster and ... ocean. The Conference of European National Libraries 2006 Survey estimated that the national libraries of Europe were holding over 13 ...

    lisrw - 16 Mar 2012 - 00:15

  5. Towards a User-Centred Approach to Digital Libraries

    ... was echoed in a number of papers that compared the results of different types of evaluation. Ellen Hoffmann reported a study ... reflected in a paper by Waldomiro Vergueiro reporting a survey of users in San Paulo. In general users, especially from the hard ...

    editor - 18 Sep 2011 - 19:57

  6. Windows NT Explorer

    ... - Index Server can be incredibly fast at providing search results. Ease of administration . Once installed, Index Server pretty ... Web server survey , Netcraft Component section of 15seconds ...

    editor - 16 Sep 2011 - 22:07

  7. IT for Me: Getting Personal in South Yorkshire Public Libraries

    ... not accessed the Internet in the three months prior to the survey) [ 5 ]. For those experiencing aspects of 'social exclusion', such as ... libraries and 289 surveys were returned. Whilst some of the results were, perhaps, predictable - gardening, reading and sports all rated ...

    editor - 18 Sep 2011 - 20:27

  8. How to Publish Data Using Overlay Journals: The OJIMS Project

    ... site was produced to act as a dissemination point for the results of the project, and as a collaboration tool for the project partners. ... A significant part of the OJIMS project work was the survey of scientists and organisations which served to introduce the work the ...

    editor - 8 Sep 2011 - 01:05

  9. Domesday Redux: The Rescue of the BBC Domesday Project Videodiscs

    ... to produce a kind of modern-day equivalent of William's survey. In 1983, a BBC Television producer named Peter Armstrong, now ... of the people who contributed to it never got to see the results of their efforts. For that reason alone I am delighted to see it more ...

    editor - 18 Sep 2011 - 11:55

  10. Book Review: The Accidental Taxonomist

    ... – also accounts for the title of the book. According to a survey conducted by Hedden, many people approach taxonomy development by ... laid out in twelve chapters and a series of appendices (the results of the aforementioned survey, a welcome glossary, a slightly skeletal ...

    editor - 14 Dec 2011 - 19:15