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Charts tracking usage of 'wikipedia'

Featured charts related to 'wikipedia':

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Interactive charts on this page show usage of the term 'wikipedia' in Ariadne articles, tracking usage from 1996 (when publication started) to present (as of most recently published issue).

Data used in these charts is drawn from all articles tagged with 'wikipedia', via our automated tagging system.

See our charts FAQ for more explanations of data charts presented here and elsewhere on our site.

Timeline of references to 'wikipedia'

This data chart includes two timelines:

  • 'articles' timeline tracks the number of articles that mention 'wikipedia' (per date)
  • 'total usage' timeline tracks all references throughout articles to 'wikipedia' (per date)

Relative recency of references to 'wikipedia'

This data chart highlights bands of recency:

  • numbers of articles referring to 'wikipedia' recently (within previous year), mid-term (between one and three years), and longer-term (older than three years)
  • total usage of 'wikipedia' recently (within previous year), mid-term (between one and three years), and longer-term (older than three years)

Top 10: authors most frequently referring to 'wikipedia'

This chart shows up to 10 authors most frequently using this term 'wikipedia'.

  • select author name label (near bottom of each column) to see an overview of all articles by author referring to 'wikipedia'
  • the default view of articles and total usage shows how these authors compare overall
  • de-select the 'articles' label to hide this data set and focus on how these authors compare by total usage of 'wikipedia'
  • de-select the ''total usage' label to hide this data set to focus on how these authors compare by total numbers of articles referring to 'wikipedia'

Long tail: all authors referring to 'wikipedia'

This data chart shows all authors referring to 'wikipedia', ordered by each author's number of articles mentioning this term versus total usage of this term:

  • points in red plot data related to the top 10 authors most frequently referring to 'wikipedia'
  • points in blue plot the (more or less) long tail of other authors also referring to 'wikipedia'
  • vertical axis marks the number of articles by an author referring to 'wikipedia'
  • horizontal axis marks an author's total usage of term 'wikipedia'

Note that darker points in this chart can indicate overlaps where several authors have written the same numbers of articles with the same total usage of this term 'wikipedia'.

Complete list of authors discussing 'wikipedia'

Here is a list of all authors referring to 'wikipedia', ordered by total usage of this term.

  • numbers in parentheses indicate each author's relative distribution in the chart above (total usage / number of articles).
  • author names provide links to overviews of articles by each author discussing 'wikipedia'

brian whalley (81/4), amber thomas (40/1), marieke guy (21/6), phil bradley (18/4), emma tonkin (13/5), david fuegi (11/1), monika elbert (11/1), adrian stevenson (9/1), ingrid mason (8/1), constance rinaldo (8/1), tom baione (8/1), judith warnement (8/1), martin r. kalfatovic (8/1), brian kelly (8/1), susan fraser (8/1), pete cliff (6/3), edgardo civallero (5/1), thom bunting (5/1), michel wesseling (4/1), keir hopwood (4/1), jane stevenson (4/2), paul miller (4/2), andrew flinn (4/1), mahendra mahey (4/2), ian dolphin (4/2), jakob voss (4/1), leo waaijers (4/1), eddie young (4/1), ellen collins (3/1), chris rusbridge (3/1), julian prior (3/1), marie salter (3/1), rosemary russell (3/2), bethan ruddock (3/1), andy powell (3/1), david recordon (3/1), graham stone (3/1), linda kerr (2/2), matthew dovey (2/1), eelco herder (2/1), mathieu d’aquin (2/1), stewart waller (2/1), matt gee (2/1), kim durante (2/1), joy palmer (2/1), paul walk (2/1), jon allen (2/1), chris awre (2/1), greg tourte (2/1), ann chapman (2/1), conrad taylor (2/1), phil nicholls (2/1), jon hunter (2/1), laura akerman (2/1), elizabeth mchugh (2/1), andrew kehoe (2/1), rose holley (2/1), elisabetta parodi (2/1), martin donnelly (2/1), mia ridge (2/1), richard jones (2/2), hendrik drachsler (2/1), stefan dietze (2/1), richard davis (1/1), charles oppenheim (1/1), yan han (1/1), julian cheal (1/1), vic lyte (1/1), guenter waibel (1/1), carmen odell (1/1), fumiyo ozaki (1/1), seb schmoller (1/1), helen leech (1/1), tim machin (1/1), graeme west (1/1), tore hoel (1/1), paola marchionni (1/1), caroline williams (1/1), jean godby (1/1), shigeki sugita (1/1), stuart lewis (1/1), jackson pope (1/1), sophia ananiadou (1/1), keith doyle (1/1), jez cope (1/1), emma delaney (1/1), jon pratty (1/1), paul meehan (1/1), marion tattersall (1/1), daisuke ueda (1/1), geraldine jones (1/1), takeo ozono (1/1), rosie jones (1/1), richard cameron (1/1), yui nishizono (1/1), david donald (1/1), neil beagrie (1/1), helen forde (1/1), claire tylee (1/1), talat chaudhri (1/1), andrew treloar (1/1), henry s. thompson (1/1), judy reading (1/1), naomi korn (1/1), john lewis (1/1), sophia jones (1/1), david groenewegen (1/1), shirley keane (1/1), katrin flemming (1/1), simeon warner (1/1), tracey stanley (1/1), david tarrant (1/1), steve hitchcock (1/1), masako suzuki (1/1), iain wallace (1/1), philip beresford (1/1), danielle cooley (1/1), hideki uchijima (1/1), ikuko tsuchide (1/1), kevin emamy (1/1), tim davies (1/1), elly cope (1/1), angela joyce (1/1), kazuo yamamoto (1/1)