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The aim of this project is to implement an open-source reading list system ('List8d') that is accessible and easy to use for all user groups. List8D should also be a useful and sustainable resource for the JISC Information Environment. The project aims to achieve the following technical goals: Portable data with the ability to feed information to and from mashups. Open content and open standards. Solution to be reusable, by any institution, with a well-documented API. Support for tools such as Refworks, Endnote, and Zotero. Internationalisation support. We aim to achieve the following business and user-oriented goals: Help librarians manage their stock levels and serve students better. Be easy for the students to use, with information served by the application accessible in a variety of places. Ideally the students will not be aware of the existence of the application, they will simply see reading lists appearing in appropriate places. Provide accurate information for librarians and library managers, saving time and avoiding unsuitable or inaccurate inputs into the reading list system. Be easy for the academics to use, and help them to ensure that there are sufficient course materials available for the students. Promote agile development practises within the University of Kent. Project start date: 2009-06-06. Project end date: 2009-11-30. (Excerpt from this source)

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Why UK Further and Higher Education Needs Local Software Developers

Mahendra Mahey and Paul Walk discuss the work of the Developer Community Supporting Innovation (DevCSI) Project which focuses on building capacity for software developers in UK Further and Higher Education to support innovation in the sector.

October 2010, issue65, feature article

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