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Project ACORN explored the potential of IT to deliver high-demand material electronically to students, across the campus, via networked computers, and developed and implemented a model for effectively managing the whole process, from requesting reading lists from academic staff to the consultation of the text by students. Project dates: started 1997. Funding Programme: Electronic Short Loan area of the Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib) Programme. (Excerpt from this source)

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Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib) Update

Recently, a wave of new projects under the umbrella of the Electronic Libraries Programme was announced. A consequence of this is that a large majority of the HE institutions in the UK are involved in at least one eLib project (is yours?), as well as many non HE organisations and institutions. Here, we give brief details of some of these new projects.

March 1996, issue2, feature article

Libtech 96

John Kirriemuir and Isobel Stark with some notes and pictures from the main annual UK library exhibition: Libtech 96.

September 1996, issue5, event report

Web Editorial: Goodbyeee

The Web editor, John Kirriemuir bows out after ten Ariadne issues.

July 1997, issue10, editorial

Convergence of Electronic Entertainment and Information Systems

John Kirriemuir explores the technology and impact of expanding internet access.

March 2000, issue23, feature article

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