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Through a number of previous workshops with the language teachers community of practice we have noted two important lessons: 1. The community is eager to share their resources and wants a lightweight repository that they can incorporate into everyday practice. 2. Practitioners are enthusiastic about sharing learning assets: simple resources such as videos, audio files and presentations. There is a real need for a straightforward usable repository that fulfils these requirements in order to begin to explore the difficult issues concerning authorship, provenance, authority and copyright in the context of a real system with real users. Aims and objectives: - To build on our existing engagement with the languages community to provide the type of lightweight community repositories that they are asking for, and bootstrap their individual use of repositories for exchanging learning assets. We will: - Deploy a lightweight repository early in the project lifetime and engage directly with the community throughout the project to encourage the sharing of assets; - Develop official plug-ins for ePrints to enable Web 2.0 functions such as tagging and virtual structures - Provide a number of bootstrap activities to support the community in identifying, uploading and describing their learning assets. Project start date: 2007-10-01. Project end date: 2009-03-31. (Excerpt from this source)

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Down Your Very Long Way Away

We take a look at the library and networking facilities in more remote places around the world; in this issue, we feature the Faroe Islands.

March 1996, issue2, regular column

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