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Total Cost of Ownership is a method of identifying and understanding all of the costs associated with the acquisition, use and support of ICT, with the aim of improving decision-making about future ICT investment and deployment. The first UK-based project that looked at TCO in schools was completed by Becta in August 2002. The TCO model quantifies not only the visible costs but makes an assessment of the hidden staff costs where staff are informally supporting the technology and their peers. In addition to an assessment of the inputs, the model assesses a range of outcomes including user satisfaction, service reliability and appropriateness. The purpose of this project, which is being undertaken by Becta, is to develop the school TCO model for use within the FE sector and help colleges to identify and keep track of the detail of the full range of cost factors involved. It will also enable them to maintain an overview on broader issues such as sustainability and best value. The development of an on-line system to support the use of this model will allow all colleges to follow a structured methodology for identifying costs and inputting this information into an online database. A sub-set of this data will form a comparative benchmark database that will allow any college to benchmark their results externally against other colleges and sustainability models, and internally between departments and user groups. Project start date: 2003-05-01. Project end date: 2004-07-31. (Excerpt from this source)

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Beyond Email: Wikis, Blogs and Other Strange Beasts

Robert Bristow reports on a one-day workshop 'Beyond Email: Strategies for Collaborative Working and Learning in the 21st Century'.

January 2005, issue42, event report

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