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Taken together, modern instruments in the laboratory and international central facilities can build up a detailed, multi-faceted picture of the structure and behaviour of engineering components. At present, stitching together this information is a time consuming post mortem process, limiting the extent to which true interactive enquiry-based experiments can be undertaken. Software tools for fusing the acquired data have already been developed as part of a completed EPSRC research programme (GR/R38774/01), but the interrogation and visualisation of the assembled database can only be done at a single location. We will construct, refine and deploy a prototype Virtual Research Environment (VRE) to enable teams of material scientists, academic and industrial engineers and instrument scientists to work together in undertaking, compiling, analysing, interrogating and visualising multiple experiments on components of high complexity at different sites. The overall aim of the project is to develop and refine the experimental steering process, shared workspace and distributed visualisation into a VRE making them deployable by dispersed teams of instrument scientists, material scientists and engineers in a transparent and robust manner. The specific objectives are to: Set up a medium for collaboratively managing and analysing data and to make available archival data collected elsewhere for immediate side-by-side comparisons; To achieve multi-site experiment steering, to discuss progress, modify strategies, and to train and instruct students; Improve the HCI issues within the shared-workspace between the dispersed sites; Create guidelines for the use of remote steering and collaborative environments. Project start date: 2004-11-01. Project end date: 2006-10-31. (Excerpt from this source)

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Virtual Research Environments: Overview and Activity

Michael Fraser provides an overview of the virtual research environment (VRE) and introduces three JISC-funded projects in which Oxford University is participating.

July 2005, issue44, feature article

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