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In response to the ever increasing complexity of integrated learning and teaching systems, there is an equally increasing demand for institutions to be able to manage person and group identity, sharing this information between appropriate systems components, or bricks, in an open and sustainable fashion in order to improve the student experience. BEWT intends to benefit from the work of the contributors of the CETIS IMS Enterprise Webservices Toolkit (CETIS ES SDK) by integrating same into the UHI institutional VLE, Bodington, which is an important VLE used by many UK HE and FE institutions for teaching and learning. UHI also manages student and staff information through its institutional SRS, SITS:Vision, which interacts with other UHI elearning service bricks through a middleware brick called Siva which allows SRS information to drive account management in the related bricks, including the Bodington VLE. In addition to utilizing the CETIS ES SDK while extending Bodington and Siva, two core bricks in the UHI elearning service wall, BEWT will help to standardize Bodington to conform to using IME ES; this in turn would be valuable to other systems integrators seeking to tie Bodington into other IMS ES aware bricks. Also, BEWT will provide important evaluative feedback, generated through real use of the toolkit, back to the CETIS ES SDK developers. Finally, there should be an impact on the wider VLE community to the benefits of using IMS ES in elearning scenarios. Project start date: 2005-04-01. Project end date: 2005-09-30. (Excerpt from this source)

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Mobile Blogs, Personal Reflections and Learning Environments: The RAMBLE Project

Paul Trafford describes how mobile blogs for personal reflection may be related to institutional learning environments, drawing on experiences from the RAMBLE Project.

July 2005, issue44, feature article

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