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Each of the seven partners in this project maintains an institutional self-archive of academic publications, based on the software, as part of the SHERPA-LEAP consortium. Access to documents in these archives is public and unrestricted, but access management is required to authenticate the identities of academic staff depositing documents, and of library staff who must check or amend descriptive metadata, and approve documents to appear within the public collection. Currently authentication and authorisation is handled within the server, requiring the registration and use of (yet another) password by users, and administration of these registrations by staff supporting the archive. Amongst them, the seven partners use a variety of existing methods for user identity and resource access management. These include Athens ('traditional'), AthensDA, various implementations of LDAP, and various data sources used to hold and maintain identity and role attribute information about users (staff and students) registered with them. All have strategic goals to work towards 'single sign-on', and all have the technical capabilities to support the platforms and integration infrastructure needed to operate as Shibboleth Identity-Providers, at least on the pilot scale required to achieve the minimum objectives of this project. The project will create a Shibboleth Identity-Provider ('Origin') service for all academic and support staff (at each of seven partner institutions in the SHERPA-LEAP consortium) who are involved in controlled access to their respective institutional Eprints servers, and will implement modifications to their respective Eprints servers to enable them all as Shibboleth Resource-Providers ('Targets'). Because existing institutional directory services will be used to implement Shibboleth Identity-Provider services, completion of the project will make it possible for all staff and students registered with each of the seven partners to access other Shibboleth-enabled resources, either directly or via the Shibboleth-Athens Gateway being constructed by Eduserv. LSE is already fully capable of operating as a Shibboleth Identity-Provider. Project start date: 2005-04-01. Project end date: 2006-03-31. (Excerpt from this source)

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ShibboLEAP: Seven Libraries and a LEAP of Faith

Martin Moyle introduces the ShibboLEAP Project, a multi-institution Shibboleth adoption in London, and hopes that later adopters will benefit from its findings.

July 2006, issue48, feature article

Editorial Introduction to Issue 48: Extended Family Net Works

Richard Waller introduces Ariadne 48.

July 2006, issue48, editorial

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