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The overall purpose of the EThOSnet project is to build a strong EThOS (Electronic Theses Online Service) sponsorship network amongst the HE community and to achieve a high level of technological and organisational sustainability for a successful move from prototype to 'live' service. Objectives: Extend the EThOS partnership and encourage 'early adopters' - this will require stepping up the advocacy campaign initiated by the EThOS project and putting in place a highly visible 'sign-up' process with a view to achieving a sufficient level of buy-in to ensure future viability; Increase the number of e-theses already available in the EThOS prototype, thus enhancing UK repository content by significantly increasing its critical mass and extending its scope to material that is currently poorly represented in digital repositories; Enhance the procedural infrastructure and upgrade the EThOS Toolkit accordingly with a view to improving institutional workflows in close partnership with registry and academic staff and to addressing the HE community's concerns, identified by the independent evaluation, regarding the management of third-party rights and the detection of plagiarism; Scale up the EThOS technological infrastructure for the move from prototype to 'live' status; Monitor and test relevant technology trends in order to identify those technologies which EThOS may be able to adopt in the future to improve further the management of e-theses and consolidate the embedding of the service within institutional practices. Project start date: 2007-03-30. Project end date: 2009-03-30. (Excerpt from this source)

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