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Building on the British Library's ground-breaking work in creating the first online fully-searchable digital library of sound recordings from one of the world's treasure houses of audio heritage, these nine new digital collections will make available around 4,200 hours of audio content. The recordings, which range from canonical classical repertoire to interviews with Holocaust survivors, will be supported by images and added value features to enhance the existing service and transform teaching, learning and research. The British Library Archival Sound Recordings (ASR) 2 draws once again on the wealth and diversity of the library's audio holdings. The nine collections chosen for this e-resource reflect the broad remit of the archive, covering field recordings, music recordings and oral history to name just three, but they also provide deeper tranches of content to complement the current ASR collections. The Sony Radio Awards news and current affairs material builds on the Sony Radio Awards radio drama package included in the first ASR project to deepen the online resource documenting UK radio broadcasting. The Decca West African recordings further enrich the three Africa-related packages already available in the resource, while the historic recordings of canonical classical repertoire complement the archive of recorded performances of Beethoven String Quartets included in the first project. Each of the collections contains material which is unique or not easy to access elsewhere. By deepening the critical mass of archival audio material for online access, the service meets the needs of many more users. It also increases the visibility of audio content in the digital domain and its availability for repurposing to teachers, researchers and lifelong learners. Project start date: 2007-01-01. Project end date: 2009-01-01. (Excerpt from this source)

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Why Are Users So Useful? User Engagement and the Experience of the JISC Digitisation Programme

Paola Marchionni discusses the importance of user engagement in the creation of digitised scholarly resources with case studies from the JISC Digitisation Programme.

October 2009, issue61, feature article

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