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Overview of content related to 'sherpa digital preservation'

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This project will create a collaborative, shared preservation environment for the SHERPA institutional repositories project framed around the Open Archiving Information Systems (OAIS) Reference Model. The project will bring together the SHERPA institutional repository systems with the preservation repository established by the Arts and Humanities Data Service to create an environment that fully addresses all the requirements of the different phases within the life cycle of digital information. Aims and Objectives Use the OAIS reference model to develop a persistent preservation environment for the SHERPA consortium, assigning rights and responsibilities and establishing protocols and work flow processes that will ensure the long-term preservation of the repository content; Explore the use of METS as the framework for packaging and transferring metadata held within the institutional repositories, including the preservation metadata created by the preservation service; Establish a coordinated set of protocols and software to be implemented as a working preservation service for a group of institutional repositories; Explore the use of open source software and tools to add functionality to and to extend the storage layer of repository software applications; Draw together the experience gained into a Digital Preservation User Guide that will complement the 'The Preservation Management of Digital Material Handbook' created by Maggie Jones and Neil Beagrie, and act as a practical user guide to implementing this type of preservation environment. Project start date: 2005-03-01. Project end date: 2007-07-28. (Excerpt from this source)

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The Tasks of the AHDS: Ten Years on

Alastair Dunning reviews 10 years in the history of the Arts and Humanities Data Service.

July 2006, issue48, feature article

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