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NESLi2 is the JISC Collections national initiative for licensing online journals on behalf of the higher and further education and research communities in the UK. NESLi2 was established in 2004 as a successor to earlier consortial initiatives that emerged with the arrival of online journals in the mid-1990s.The content from 17 leading scholarly publishers are covered by our NESLi2 agreements which typically span 1-3 years in duration and over 7,000 online journals are available to authorised users. Financial savings on the content purchased, as a result of focused negotiations by our staff, amounted to ú13.5 million in 2010 and we estimate that NESLi2 has saved the community over ú40 million since its inception in 2004. The content itself is made accessible directly from publishersÆ bespoke web platforms. (Excerpt from this source)

Key statistics

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  • Number of articles referring to 'nesli': 14 (0.8% of published articles)
  • Total references to 'nesli' across all Ariadne articles: 47
  • Average number of references to 'nesli' per Ariadne article: 3.36
  • Earliest Ariadne article referring to 'nesli': 1998-05
  • Trending factor of 'nesli': 0 (see FAQs on monitoring of trends)

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  1. alicia wise (see articles on this topic by this author)
  2. philip hunter (see articles on this topic by this author)
  3. gillian austen (see articles on this topic by this author)
  4. terry morrow (see articles on this topic by this author)
  5. chris rusbridge (see articles on this topic by this author)

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Developing an Agenda for Institutional E-Print Archives

Philip Hunter, John MacColl and Marieke Napier report on a one day Open Archives conference on OAI compliant metadata and e-print issues. Held at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, London. 11 July 2001.

October 2001, issue29, event report

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