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This page provides an overview of 2 articles tagged 'john blunden-ellis', listing most recently updated content first. Note that filters may be applied to display a sub-set of articles in this category (see FAQs on filtering for usage tips). Select this link to remove all filters.

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John Blunden-ellis has contributed 2 articles to Ariadne. For contact and affiliation details (as of latest published article), see John Blunden-ellis author profile.

Most frequently used terms in this author's articles (ordered by total usage / articles): "cataloguing", "further education", "data", "database", "sosig", "search technology", "research", "e-learning". For more statistics, see data charts for John chart icon

Title Summary Date

What's in GEsource for Further Education?

John Blunden-Ellis provides a view of the material available to FE from GEsource, the RDN subject service for geography and environment.

January 2004, issue38, feature article

What's in PSIgate for Further Education?

John Blunden-Ellis describes the materials and services available from the RDN subject service PSIgate in respect of students and practitioners in FE.

January 2004, issue38, feature article

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