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A scripting language is a command set for controlling some specific piece of hardware, software, or operating system, often with rudimentary and in some cases more advanced programming-like control flow constructs, and is almost always usable from a stored format such as a simple text file, a section of read-only persistent storage in an embedded device, a deck of punched cards, or other mechanism. Most scripting languages use no compiler at all, instead being interpreted on the fly by the application itself, sometimes after being converted to a bytecode or other intermediate form that can be interpreted more quickly by the application, which by contrast is typically a program compiled to native machine code. (Excerpt from Wikipedia article: Scripting language)

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Jon Knight investigates what is meant by the current buzzword intranet and looks at how it may be applied in a library environment. A suggestion for a low cost entry level intranet solution is also given.

November 1996, issue6, tooled up

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