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XUL (XML User Interface Language) is an XML user interface markup language developed by the Mozilla project. XUL operates in Mozilla cross-platform applications such as Firefox and Flock. The Mozilla Gecko layout engine provides an implementation of XUL used in the Firefox browser. XUL relies on multiple existing web standards and web technologies, including CSS, JavaScript, and DOM. Such reliance makes XUL relatively easy to learn for people with a background in web-programming and design. XUL has no formal specification and does not inter-operate with non-Gecko implementations. However, it uses an open source implementation of Gecko, tri-licensed under the GPL, LGPL, and MPL. (Excerpt from Wikipedia article: XUL)

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  • Earliest Ariadne article referring to 'xul': 2004-04
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  1. patrick lauke (see articles on this topic by this author)
  2. paul browning (see articles on this topic by this author)

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Title Article summary Date

Mozilla Firefox for Rapid Web Development and Testing

Patrick Lauke takes a quick look at Firefox, the new browser released by the Mozilla Foundation, and points out useful features and extensions for Web developers.

January 2005, issue42, tooled up

Through the Web Authoring Tools

Paul Browning offers a technical review of new approaches to Web publishing.

April 2004, issue39, tooled up

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