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    TRACEY | journal is an International peer-reviewed electronic open access journal dedicated to the discussion of contemporary drawing and visualisation.  The journal is interested in publishing diverse perspectives on the nature of drawing and visualisation: physically, cognitively, and creatively.

  • Studies in Design Education Craft & Technology

    The journal is designed to focus attention on developments in the whole field of design and craft education ranging from art through the crafts to applied science and technology. It pays particular attention to case studies of new approaches in schools and colleges written by the teachers and tutors undertaking them. A selection of the growing number of important researches and studies in design education is an important feature of the journal as is the new of all important new literature
  • Design & Technology Teaching

    The journal focuses on developments in Design and Technology across all phases of education. It provides a forum for sharing and developing expertise in all the contributing areas of design and technology: art and design, business studies, CDT, home economics and information technology. It covers news, information, reviews of materials and resources and case
    studies of good practice.
  • Test Journal of Information Literacy

    This is a test journal for playing with and testing things out on.

  • Design and Technology Education: an International Journal

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    Design and Technology Education: An International Journal is a research journal that uniquely provides a broad and inclusive platform for all aspects of Design and Technology Education, Design Education and Technology Education in primary, secondary and higher education sectors, initial teacher education (ITE) and continuous professional development (CPD). The mission of the Journal to publish high quality research, scholarly and review articles at the leading edge of development of theories and practices of Design and Technology Education that increase insight, support understanding and add to global discourse.

    All content in Design and Technology Education: An International Journal is freely available through open access on the Loughborough University's OJS website and is linked to from the Design and Technology Association's website's 'Research' page: https://www.data.org.uk/for-education/research/. There are no Article Processing Charges (APCs) associated with the inclusion of articles and papers.

    The work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

  • Journal of Information Literacy

    The Journal of Information Literacy (JIL) has moved! Our new address is https://journals.cilip.org.uk/jil/index. Please use our new site for any submissions. As well, to continue to receive announcements of new issues, special issues, calls for papers, job ads, etc., you will need to set up a user account on the new site. The current site, graciously hosted by Loughborough University for many years, will shortly be taken offline.