Purposes and Practices in Middle School - Art and Design Education

  • Generald Porter


Teachers have never before been the subject to such scrutiny and the current 'Debate', whatever its outcome, has left no stone unturned. Consequently it is refreshing to witness quite a flurry of activity in and outside of schools to marshall the facts and establish a new professionalism in the area of art and design.

Research is always being carried out and as often as not by teachers in the classroom. Even without being aware of the precedent they are creating for their colleagues, teachers of art and designhave been in the vanguard of such practices.

Art and Design has undergone a drastic change and this is well documented. Both the National Society for Art Education and the National Association for Design Education have made significant contributions and affected the current dialogue and debate that exists.

What is often forgotten and neglected are the consequences of large scale and administrative changes that are brought about by legislation, different patterns of training, and in-service developments.

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Generald Porter
Formerly Schools Council Art Committee
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