• Geoff Dalton
  • N. Glover
  • G. Grimshaw
  • Ben Hinks-Edwards
  • Alan Kay
  • John Lancaster
  • Michael Paffard
  • Michael Sayer
  • James Schinneller
  • Cal Swann


The following publications have been reviewed by the mentionned authors;

  • The Potter's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques by Frank Hamer, reviewed by Michael Paffard
  • Calligraphic Lettering with Pen and Brush by Ralph Douglas, reviewed by John Lancaster
  • Using Letters in Art and Craft by Carol Walklin, reviewed by Cal Swann
  • Photography - Simple and Creative by Jane Elam, reviewed by Alan Kay
  • Visual Awareness by Frederick Palmer, reviewed by Ben Hinks-Edwards
  • Chinese Stoneware Glazes by Joseph Grebanier, reviewed by Michael Paffard
  • Control Technology, English Universities Press, reviewed by Michael Sayer
  • Raku - Techniques for Contemporary Potters by Christopher Tyler and Richard Hirsch, reviewed by  Michael Paffard
  • Drawing for Design and Technology by J. E. Mattick, reviewed by Michael Sayer
  • Woodwork for Young Children by Christopher Jarman, reviewed by G. Grimshaw
  • A Basic Course in Practical Metalwork (new metric edition) by J. R. Bedord, reviewed by N. Glover
  • Plastics - An Integrated Science Approach by A. J. Yate, reviewed by N. Glover
  • Technology Around Us by Ed. G. Terry Page, reviewed by Michael Sayer
  • Leatherwork by Kenneth Lyon and Ron Hill, reviewed by Geoff Dalton
  • Woodwork by Edward Storey, reviewed by Geoff Dalton
  • Search and Self-Discovery by James Schinneller
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