• John Eggleston University of Warwick


A major part of this issue of Studies in Design Education Craft & 7echn%gy is devoted to bringing readers up-to-date with the rapid pace of developing the national curriculum and the associated moves in age related testing.

In little over a year the Education Bill has become law and the Working Groups on the National Curriculum are established and reporting and the machinery for age related testing is quickly being set up. Children already in schools at age 5 this Autumn will experience their first age related testing in two years time and at regular intervals thereafter. Technology will be tested at each age band commencing with the 7 year olds in 1990.

The Working Groups in Science and Mathematics were first off the ground followed by English. In August 1987 the Science Group was additionally asked to consider primary school technology and some additional members were appointed to the group to help in this task. The Group reported briskly in a well received interim document published at the end of 1987.

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