• J. N. Atkins
  • Bernard Aylward
  • S. R. Blundell
  • Eric Decorte
  • R. Hart
  • Paul King
  • John Lancaster
  • R. N. MacGregor
  • Roy Nash
  • Michael Paffard
  • Michael Sayer
  • Roy Shaw
  • Dick Sutton


The following publications have been reviewed by the mentioned authors;

  • Welsh Crafts by Mary Eirwen Jones, reviewed by Roy Nash
  • A Source Book of Picture Making by Henry Pluckrose, reviewed by R. Hart
  • Approaches to Drawing by Leo Walmsley, reviewed by John Eggleston
  • Moulded and Slip Cast Pottery and Ceramics by David Cowley, reviewed by Michael Paffard
  • Painting by John Lancaster, reviewed by R. N. MacGregor
  • Design Resource Sheets by R. N. Billington and J. R. Jeffrey, reviewed by Dick Sutton
  • Enamelling on Metal,¬†Oppi. Intracht, reviewed by J. N. Atkins
  • Processes by Jack Bainbridge, reviewed by Michael Sayer
  • Artists and People by Su Braden, reviewed by Roy Shaw
  • Make Your Own Musical Instrument by Stuart Dalby, reviewed by Eric Decorte
  • Design in General Education by John Harahan, reviewed by Bernard Aylward
  • Painting Without a Brush by Roy Sparkes, reviewed by John Lancaster
  • Building Craft Equipment by A. Jay and Carol W. Abrams, reviewed by S. R. Blundell
  • Pyrography by Berhand Havez and Jean-Claude Varlet, reviewed by Paul King
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